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Can you name the characters from Star Trek who were born in the given locations?

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Bajor, Dahkur Province
Bajor, location unspecified
Bajoran System, Denorios belt (found)
Betazed, near Lake El'nar
Betazed, location not specified
Breen Confederacy
Brunali Homeworld
Cardassia Prime
Cargo ship ECS Horizon
Copernicus City, Earth's Moon
Deep Space Nine Station
Deep Space Nine Station (created)
Earth, African Confederation
Earth, African Confederation
Earth, Alaska
Earth, Bloomington, Indiana
Earth, Ireland
Earth, Iowa
Earth, Japan
Earth, Kyoto, Japan
Earth, La Barre, France
Earth, New Orleans, Louisiana
Earth, New Orleans, Louisiana
Earth, 'Old South', North America
Earth, Panama City, Florida
Earth, Russia
Earth, San Francisco
Earth, Scotland
Earth, South Carolina
Earth, United Kingdom
Earth, Upstate New York
Earth, location unspecified
El-Aurian Homeworld
Federation colony (unnamed), near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone
Federation colony, Tendara
Ferenginar, location not specified
Jupiter Station (created)
Kazon Homeworld (originally)
Kessik IV
Luria (assumed)
Norcadia Prime
Omarion Nebula
Omicron Theta (created)
Qo'noS, Ketha province
Qo'noS, Mekro'vak region
Qo'noS, location not specified
Rinax (Talax Moon)
Romulus. location not specified
Sappora System, New Sydney
Vulcan, Shi'Kahr
Vulcan, near Shi'Kahr
Vulcan, location unspecified
Vulcanis Lunar Colony
Tau Alpha C
Trill Homeworld
Turkana IV
USS Enterprise-D
USS Enterprise-D (created)
USS Voyager
Xindus (originally)

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