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QUIZ: Can you name the animals found in Norse mythology?

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Slayed by Sigurd, who has a taste of this being's heartDragon
Guarded HelDog
Runs up and down YggdrasilSquirrel
Chases the sunWolf
Reborn and cooked every night at ValhallaBoar
Resides at the roots of YggdrasilSerpent
Freya's mount, who may be her transformed lover OttarBoar
Licked the ice to create the first humansCow
Progeny of Loki and SvaĆ°ilfari that is eight-leggedHorse
Chases the moonWolf
Brews mead for the residents of ValhallaGoat
Son of Loki that will be killed by Vidar at RagnarokWolf
Reports information to OdinRaven
Reports information to OdinRaven
Will kill and be killed by Thor at RagnarokSerpent

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