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Clue:WordBeginning of the next word:
What's the name of this website?
A repeat of a sound even after it's stopped, or a word in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.
The noise a certain farm animal makes, a sty sound.
A domain or country that a king and queen might rule over.
Yummy noodles that are covered in cheese, you could say it is one's 'Kraft.'
The modern-day Persia.
The unicorn of the sea.
The national animal of Bolovia.
Known as the 'Land of Opportunity' and the 'Natural State.'
You read it at bedtime!
Eurasian daisy with aromatic flowers.
It lives in a pack and seemingly likes the moon.
Clue:WordBeginning of the next word:
A little white lie.
Knick-knack and ornament.
An activity to do on a certain festive holiday that involves knocking on doors and belting it out.
Urban art.
Home to the Fertile Crescent.
Your teacher might 'pop' one of these on you.
The action compelled by 'XYZPDQ.'
The magic dragon that lives by the sea.
Two different meanings, but this one is rather necessary in bread.
On one hand is writing, on the other is:
Man's best friend.

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