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Can you name the Mega Man Robot Masters by their weapons? (Includes Mega Man 1-10)

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WeaponRobot MasterGame
Quick Boomerang
Homing Sniper
Skull Barrier
Lightning Bolt
Grab Buster
Plant Barrier
Wheel Cutter
Time Stopper
Thunder Beam
Metal Blade
Thunder Bolt
Deep Digger
Solar Blaze
Ring Boomerang
Plug Ball
Spark Chaser
Fire Storm
Water Wave
Gyro Attack
Star Crash
Pharaoh Shot
Knight Crush
Photon Missile
Slash Claw
Tornado Hold
Thunder Claw
Power Stone
Mega Buster
Blizzard Attack
Black Hole Bomb
Flame Sword
Dust Crusher
Rolling Cutter
Astro Crush
Needle Cannon
WeaponRobot MasterGame
Danger Wrap
Ice Wave
Atomic Fire
Magma Bazooka
Hard Knuckle
Air Shooter
Gemini Laser
Top Spin
Noise Crush
Yamato Spear
Crash Bomber
Spread Drill
Water Shield
Time Slow
Drill Bomb
Hyper Bomb
Silver Tomahawk
Hornet Chaser
Screw Crusher
Salt Water
Dive Missile
Ice Slasher
Remote Mine
Charge Kick
Concrete Shot
Super Arm
Flash Stopper
Wild Coil
Crystal Eye
Wind Storm
Water Balloon
Leaf Shield
Ice Wall
Oil Slider
WeaponRobot MasterGame
Tengu Blade
Triple Blade
Magnet Missile
Napalm Bomb
Spark Shock
Bass Buster
Black Hole
Flash Bomb
Tornado Blow
Electric Shock
Scorch Wheel
Bubble Lead
Search Snake
Ballade Cracker
Magic Card
Thunder Wool
Wave Burner
Proto Buster
Copy Vision
Freeze Cracker
Shadow Blade
Jewel Satellite
Junk Shield
Laser Trident
Mirror Buster
Rain Flush
Flame Blast
Commando Bomb
Break Dash
Gravity Hold
Bubble Bomb
Centaur Flash
Rebound Striker
Chill Spike

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