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the hangout for the gang
what hs did they go to
who was the ra for the gang during there college years? (he was a footbal player)
what stock/food did the gang invest in the stock market
what was the name for the black handyman in the early episodes?
what was there garage band name?
what was ac slater known for?(2 things)
what was baysides mascot?
what was screechs girlfriends name?
what did ac slaters dad do for a living?
what was the name of the 18 and older club that they made fake ids to get into?
what movie did zack morris star in?
what was zacks indian nickname?
what was kellys boyfriends name?(besides zach)
where was jessica spanos stepbrother from?
what movie is jessica spano the main character in?
what hit show was kelly in?
what drug was jesse spano addicted to?
what prized possession did screech break when his mom went away?
what other great show of the 90s did lisa appear in?

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