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'Hello, pet. You may call me_______!'
2 words 
'I think I just drank....____.'
1 word 
'Start ________, Parker.'
1 word 
'He and Miss 'I'll just have _________, thank you,' left a half hour ago.'
3 words 
'...three pounds, eleven ounces, this is how I look at her! Can I ____?'
2 words 
'If I were seeing my ex for the first time in 11 years, and I had _____, I'd wear this little baby.'
2 words 
'Except you don't have to go ___________.' 'Oh yes I do.'
4 words 
'How old are you again, dad?' 'Wow! Suddenly you're so _________!'
3 words 
'But if you ask me, she's doing a better job of selling ________ than the grapes.'
1 word 
'In your honor, a _________.'
2 words 
'You've never heard of ___________? How far away IS London, anyway?'
2 words 
'How do I look? Presentable and everything?' 'You look fab, dad. _____ and _____.'
'She's young, she's cute...knows how to spell the word ____.'
'YOU'RE scared? An eleven-year-old is _________!'
3 words 
'Look, I can do you already: I have ____ and you don't!'
1 word 
'Oh I would pay BIG money to see that woman _______.'
3 words 
'No offense mom, but this arrangement really ____.' 'I agree, it totally ____.'
(same word) 
'Dad's getting married.' 'To _____, mom!'
2 words 
'The F Word?!' 'You know, _____.'
'We're like _____.' 'Hallie, we're like _____!'

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