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Can you name the Pokemon that are included in Pokemon Indigo episodes?

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Episode #PokemonTitle
6______ and the Moon Stone
10______ and the Hidden Village
11______ - The Stray Pokemon
12Here Comes the ______ Squad
19______ & ______
19______ & ______
21Bye Bye ______
22______ and the Psychic Showdown
24______ versus ______
24______ versus ______
25______ Goes Bananas
27______'s Naptime
30Sparks Fly for ______
31Dig Those ______
34The ______ Kid
36______'s Mysterious Mansion
Episode #PokemonTitle
37______'s Goodbye
38The Battling ______ Brothers
39Wake Up ______!
41The March of the ______ Squad
42The Problem with ______
43The Song of ______
45A ______ Operation
47So Near, Yet so ______
48Who Gets to Keep the ______?
49______'s Mysterious Garden
60______ Tales
62It's ______ Time!
63Holiday Hi-______
68Make Room for ______
70Go West Young ______
71To Master the ______-pected

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