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Can you list the history of Marceline from Adventure Time?

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Who did Marceline take the Tree Fort from in 'Evicted'?
Where does Marceline currently live?
Who was Marceline's old boyfriend?
Does she like the Ice King?
Can Vampires defeat Ghosts?
What is Marceline's last name?
Who is Marceline's dad?
What instrument does Marceline play?
Back to easy, what colour is Marceline's hair?
How old is Marceline?
What sport has Marceline been seen playing with Ice King, Finn and Jake?
Marceline is voiced by who?
Olivia Olson also voices who in Phineas and Ferb?
Marceline gets lucid dreams when she eats what?
What is the original form of the Vampire King?
How many episodes are in the Mini-Series Stakes?
Marceline hunted Vampires with which weapon?
Who did Marceline get her levitation powers from?

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