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Clue/HintAnswerLetter of the Alphabet
The end of the worldA
French college qualification testB
A city planet in star wars with the hyperspace coordinates (0,0,0,)C
5 letter acronym for government agency that develops new military technologyD
The study of the history and formation of wordsE
1986 movie starring Matthew BroderickF
Similar to duct tapeG
Passenger Zeppelin that caught fireH
Big name in pet foodI
Capital of IndonesiaJ
Israeli form of hand-to-hand combatK
Landlocked county in Africa that only borders one other countryL
One who dies for a causeM
Clue/HintAnswerLetter of the Alphabet
To be in love with oneselfN
Last letter of the Greek alphabetO
What two lines are to each other when at a 90 degree angleP
Largest ocean liner in the worldQ
Ancient Hindu epic poem. 8 letters, the first four of which are the name of the protagonistR
Language in which poem mentioned above was originally written inS
A line that touches a circle at one point or to say something that isn't related to the conversationT
A word synonymous with pure and downright or and a homophone of a part of a cowU
A red-orange pigment worn by hindu men on their foreheadsV
A comedy troupe and TV show consisting of five white, young, male comediansW
Like a GlockenspielX
The longest river in AsiaY
A movement on behalf fo the country of IsraelZ

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