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You're on the edge just stumbling, and the road it starts to wind
And every night that we spend alone, it kills me thinking of you on your own
Cause if you wanna take me home, you know I'm ready to leave
I see myself here in your eyes, stay awake 'till the sunrise
Bittersweet chemistry, I can't escape you anywhere, even in my dreams
I'm moving on, there's no excuse, and I can't take away your pain
Making all our plans in the Santa Cruz sand that night
For the highs and the lows, for the rise and falls,And the times that you thought you gave it your all
She's so cool, rewrites the rules, she ain't got no time for you
It took so long to convince you I knew I had to show my colours
All the crossed wires just making us tired is it too late to bring us back to life?
So go ahead, rip my heart out, show me what love's all about
He barely takes you out, if he does he's late,
It started on a weekend in May, I was looking for attention, needed intervention
We're suffering, helpless thoughts and out we sing, prayers go to the sky

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