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Can you name the known A Song of Ice and Fire Hands of the King

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KingHand of the KingInfo
Aegon I Targaryen, Aenys I TargaryenFirst Hand of the King
Aenys I Targaryen
Jaehaerys I TargaryenServed as Hand for 40 years
Jaehaerys I Targaryenalso Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
Jaehaerys I Targaryen
Jaehaerys I Targaryen, Viserys I Taragaryen, Aegon II TargaryenServed as Hand of 3 different Kings
Viserys I TargaryenDied in fire at Harrenhal
Aegon II Targaryenalso Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
Aegon III TargaryenDied of a winter chill
Aegon III Targaryen, Daeron I Targaryen, Baelor I TargaryenServed as Hand of 3 different Kings before becoming King himself
Aegon IV Targaryen, Daeron II TargaryenRemoved for failing to contain First Blackfyre Rebellion
Daeron II TargaryenDied after blow to head during Ashford Tourney
Daeron II TargaryenDied during Great Spring Sickness
KingHand of the KingInfo
Aerys I TargaryenNow the Three-Eyed Raven
Aerys II Targaryen(Mad King), Joffrey Baratheon, Tommen BaratheonResigned his first post for Aerys' slights against him
Aerys II Targaryen(Mad King)Removed after failing to contain Robert's Rebellion
Aerys II Targaryen(Mad King)Removed and exiled after losing Battle of the Bells
Aerys II Targaryen(Mad King)Burned alive after trying to resign
Aerys II Targaryen(Mad King)Was Hand for a fortnight
Robert BaratheonPoisoned by his wife
Robert BaratheonKilled for treason
Joffrey BaratheonServed as Hand in place of his father
Tommen Baratheon
Tommen Baratheon
Tommen BaratheonCurrent Hand of the King

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