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Germany's alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy (formed late 1800s)
Alliance between Russia, France and England
1905 Kaiser William II in Africa with war boats, insists Moroccan independence is necessary
Germany's endless support of Austria-Hungary
Russian tsarist leader
1914 Bosnian revolutionist; killed Francis Ferdinand
German war plan: good transportation, destroy France and then defeat Russia
Germany + Austria + Italy - later named :
Russia + France + Britain - later named :
Germans torpedo this British ship :
This battle changed the direction of war; German hope of defeating France quickly gone
German State Secretary sent this to Mexico's government, angering the American public
US President during WWI (full name)
English representative - Big Four (full name)
Italian representative - Big Four (last name)
French representative - Big Four (last name)
Wilson: no more secret treaties/diplomacy, freedom of the seas, no more barriers/inequalities in international trade, reduction of all armaments, colonial readjustments, evacuation
Germany guilty of provoking war – owed Allies, used to justify huge reparations to France/England
Germans referred to Treaty of Versailles as :
permanent international body w/ all nations, meet to discuss/settle disputes

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