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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to this bad quiz?

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QuestionAnswerAbout It
Type go to begin
A number between 1-10
A number between 11-20
Who won MVP
Who came in second?
Previous + spider
A number
How many handicap players compete in division I basketball?
Cornier than ethanol...
What is the capital of Santiago?
What is the state capital of Washington D.C.
Previous + Fruits=
Who is Big Ben?
Where is Bruce Lee from?
What amendment gives the right to drink and drive?
Billy Bogger
What kind of chips am I eating?
Are you having fun?
Saving Private ____
And to the republic...
Sports Illustrated
QuestionAnswerAbout It
Congratulations! You won the Super Bowl. Where are you going?
Do you like sports questions?
The greatest rivalry
How many wars?
Does a drill sargeant make a____ _____ _____
Who is the best sporcler?
I ____ NYC
The best team in baseball?
The Yankees win
The best NHL canadian hockey team ever?
Is this annoying?
There is only one answer
Hit me baby_____
The USA is made up of....
The USA is made up of...
The start of the Constitution
Australia has one big tournament. Name it
Yo ___ gusta este examen
Shaquille O'neal, the legendary ____
This is a _____ sporcle quiz

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