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In unix, each process has three segments:
Advantage of stack-based organization:
4 divisions of responsibility between various portions of a system:
These are the requirements for what reclamation approach: must be able to find all pointers, must be able to find all objs
Five classification types for memory
To problems in reclaimation:
Garbage collection: pass one ____ pass two____
This describes finding a slot in mem big enough to load a.out
When the compiler assumes that things start at zero and let linker rearrange. Compiler puts info in obj file to tell linker how to rearrange, called
To basic operations in dyn storage management:
This terms describes when an os adjusts a program to run in a different lares of memory. Useful since to can't predict where process will load
In heap organization for dyn alloc, ____&___ are unpredictable. These are used for arbitrary list structueres
This is a runnable program stored in a obj file
Three functions of a linker: ___ all the pieces of a program, figure out a new ___ so they fit together, touch up ___
This heap alloc scheme keeps linked lists of free blocks, searched whole list on each alloc, chooses blk closest to needs, save excess. Merges adj free blocks during release ops
This describes finding space for additional mem requests while executing the prog
This heap alloc scheme sused for alloc of storage that comes in fixed size chunks. Keeps a large array of bits for each chunk where 0 means in use and 1 means free
Two approaches for reclamation:
In general, dyn allocation can be handled in one of two ways:
This heap alloc scheme just scans list for the hole that is large enough. Frees excess. Merges on release
This describes the inefficient use of mem due to holes that are too small, their size large
This works with os to provide dynamic allocation routines, such as malloc and free
This combines all the obj files for one prog into a single obj file. This is complete and self-sufficient
Memory is divided up into areas called
This generates one obj file for each source code file containing info on that file. Info is incomplete
Why distinguish between diff segments in memory?
This loads executables into mem, provides facilities for processes to get more mem after they've started running
This type of binding time goes by an arrangement determined during execution
Typically, heap allocation schemes use a ____ to keep track of the storage that is not in use
Three components of memory in it's role for programming
Linker runs in two passes: pass 1: read info in sum table, decide how mem is arranged, read relocation info. T/F
What makes rearrangement tricky?
The two forms of changeability for memory
This approach for reclamation has no explicit free op. When needs storage, searches all pointers and collects things not used
Problems: BF and FF:_____ while bitmap has ______
This approach for reclamation keeps track of the num of outstanding pointers. When zero, free mem
This type of binding time occurs before the process starts to run: compile-, link-, or load-time
Linker can shuffle segments around at will but cannot ______
In stack organization for dyn alloc, allocation is ____ and mem is freed in ____ order from allocation
Each obj file consists of two segments:
Linker runs in two passes:pass 2: read in segment and relocation info, modify addresses, write new module with symbols, segments, and relocation
Need dyn mem allocation for both main mem and space on disk bc os can't predict when a process will
This is info about stuff defined in this module that may be used in other modules
Relocation info has info about addresses that the linker should fix up in two forms:
Why isn't static allocation sufficient for everything? (2)

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