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__ __ and __(1960): a horn performer and EE- created interfaces for ashley and Cage
Rice developed a technique called ___: two paths- 1. two part piece for two clapping people-example of process
in the 1960s, this became popularly used- any complex sound can be broken down into small grains and the way they are organized in time and frequencygive the impression of a larger
'-- ---' was written in 1966 as a benefit for the Harlem Sic- the composer received all material from civil rights activists recordings
____ ____'s Thunder (1990): programmable LEDs and position pads- early multi-touch interface
the __ ___ was a radio controller- perform is by using sticks above the plane in different dimensions
___ ___ was an American composer who studied philosophy at cornell, did a MS in composition in CA; spent time in Ghana learning from African drumming master
____ ___ composed a piece 'Sono Adams'- creates pitch sounds- he can slow down the static (flexible tool)- composed at Xinakis center in Paris
___ used tape players and as the two recordings were looping they went out of sync (phasing)
___ ___, working in Canada, worked on 'Quad X' system
____ music has close ties to Jamaican Music
Barry Truaick's ___ __ system worked more on grain streams(filled grains with sine waves or FM synth but also with sampled wave)
___, 1931, wrote 'Imaginary Lanscape #1'-- borrowed 2 variable speed turntables
Max matthews and the ___ ___ (1987): alternate controllers; tapping into physical sensativity
___ manipulated (through turntables) interface/changes of the speed of playback
concrete pH by Xinakis is an example of ___ __
Burtner's ______: array of triggers across the body; after touch on the keyboard can create diff sounds- play like reg sax but give gestural control to the computer so performer pl
___ ___ built circuits for his horn that took the horn signal and electronically processed sound interactively so it would change based on what he played
___ ___ made the first implementation of granular synth using Music 5; interested in statistical granular approach
turntables are an example of ___ ___: prepared piano- put stuff inside the piano so that when string hit, stuff also hit
'Music as a Gradual Process' by ___
____ ___'s Ladies Glove (1991-1994): first used a dish glove: uses innovative motion sensing technique (wrist and opposite ankle)- uses vertical and horizontal spacing in performan

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