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MIDI messages are sent in ____ ____ form as a series of bits
this consists of a superposition of continuously rising or falling sine waves and staggering the envelopes
He read Max Matthew's science article, replaced chowning at Bell labs in 1964, and followed Max's call to pursue research in psychoacoustics
This, according to Steve Rice, has roots in African polyrhythm
he was the first composer to do computer music research
___: live computer performances that deal with human performance and computers (eg John Cage)
He wrote 'For Ann (rising)': twelve closely-spaced computer generated sine waves fade in and out while they rise steadily
The first version of ___ was published in 1983 by sequential systems, oberheim and roland corp.
This is based on the rhythms of Africa
(1960s) This is a sound sample that continuously seems to rise or descend
this was the first composer in research- a real composer and musician that became a researcher
in 1970s, synths couldn't communicate with one another. This is one reason why ___ wasn't created
Electronics Luk Thung: A ___ group that mixes ___ ___ music and ____
what does MIDI stand for
this refers to small fragments of coal embers sliced and then put together to create grains of sound; theory for compositional (called theory of screens) 1971
Freq. Modulation synthesis patented by __ ____ at stanford. He used his tech. in the pieces from the 70s stria, turenas...
MISI is organized into ___ bit words. The first bit is a 1 and rep's ___ and the last is 0 and reps ___
___ wrote music that let the computer in controlled random ways change the sampled music (elvis piece) changing the playback speed- 'collage 1:blue suede
term: metric vs. tempo (refers to speed)

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