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don leslie made a special speaker for the _____. It has 2 horns that rotate so the sound is constant thrown in diff directions
the final style of music--- bells and electronische
This man and his VOICES music was a ___ of the two styles of music
_____ _____: Brazilian musician, composer, producer of electronic music; did music for video game splinter
All electronic music was ___ before the invetion of the recorder
Xenakis entered as a composer when the Varese interlude include 120 seconds to ___ the tape. --- clouds of intermittent sounds
was the first to combine electronic and sample based music; gesang der jungling
equipment for generating this type of music included wave generators, noise generators, filters and a ring modulator
____ ____ (1958): independent from nature-- corbusier hired xenakis (built phillips pavilion- Xenakis worked on musiis, construction of parabaloids
_____: invented 1935 by laurens ____. The B3 and C3 models of this instrument sold 70000 units and were made til 1974
he wrote studie 1 and studie 2; purely electronische; used geometric scores
futurama episode theme song and fat boy slim remix are examples of _____
____ : Serbian-born musician and composer; died in studio fire
The ____ ____ ___ (1940s) is an electroacoustic inst. modulates sound received by pickups; any change in amplifier or signal change has huge effect on sound
L'Object Sonore:
ones martenot, hammond organ, theremin: could be seen as ____ for amplifiers
____ used his body as a filter for feedback (esp, star spangled banner)
these are materials taken from existing sounds
This is music created in the studio intened for broadcast later, made out of samples (if you can hear something real...)
3 implications due to ___ __ ____ (1948):1) first music composed using purley tech meansm uses environmental noises, did not require human performers
thanks to the ____ invented in 1945 in germany, possible to grab sounds from anywhere; loop them, cut and slice, signal degeneration, echo, dely, etc
Shaeffer could not layer sounds when he first began so what's special is that the music is not layer horizontally, rather ____
This is music made from electronically generated sounds- created more scientifically- sound not bound by practicality of life, rather than from smapling.
Xenakis's Concret PH: sound could travel both horizontally and vertically as trails of speakers were switched on and off- images projects on wall reveal ___traversing
____ wanted to underprice his speaker boxes for the hammond organ so that it would be sold for the home; sound made through tone wheels
he wrote a song about how children will grow up and bring europe together- combines synthesized sound and sample sound
____ ______: style of music in 90s. Happening with yoga, recreational drug use; becoming one with the music
this refers to a complete timbral entity replacing themes or motives
___ wrote alot about music concrete and defined the various aesthetics and l'object sonore
schaeffer was against ____ ____ and up in arms against it; fued against german and french school.
in 1996, she used electronics to create imagery of what she is singing about (ambient sustained sounds vs more crunchy noise rhythms- attraction and repulsion)
In _____ composition, he planned the sound to move throughout the space using multichannel tapes routed throughout

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