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What does EMMI stand for
____ is a term coined by composer John Oswald in 1985
this man opened up bell labs to composers and computer musicians (similar to how shaeffer opened up his studio)
All of Godfried-Willem Raes instruments were done through this protocol
Who wrote Silver Apples of the Moon
1e+a piece. two buchlas. by rosemboom
Max Matthews research goal was (3)
Common aspect of Babbit pieces/Mark II pieces
This man wrote in Science magezine that there are no theoretical limits to computer music; only limited by cost and our knowledge of psychoacoustics
This piece was also computer generated by barely recognizable
Troy Rogers presentation was titled Beware of
What is the title of the Daisy piece?
_____ sampling rate equals better representaiton
This specification/protocol developed in th 80s allowed synths to talk to each other
This instruments works in a way similar to blowing on a bottle
This man founded the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in 1959
This is an operation that begins with specific conditions and it puts out an output given certain inputs
Chris (TA) talked about ____ with _____
binary and computation became very popular in the
This is one composer Sara (TA) talked about. His works were like 'operas'- novels that were performed. included 'purposeful lady, slow afternoon' and 'love letter 1'
Characteristic common element of Moog Wendy Carlos examples
This piece by Erik Bunger (thru plunderphonics) encourages us to type in a text and it draws upon a library of pop music and plays it back to us
This is a design characteristic of synths; discussed in relation to miniaturization and increased portability
Chowning is known for
This is the presence or absence of an electrical signal (either 0 or 1), made up of bits
This is the idea of transforming one form of energy into another (ie. a digital sign into an analog one)
This is the Oswald piece regarding plunderphonics that we talked about
The Golden Age of mechanical music was the
What does MIDI stand for
A-HA take on me is an example of
sampled based tape piece/ reverse gong
What was the first piece of electronic music commissioned by a record label (Nonesuch Records)
this type of algorithm enabled the next generation of sound
This is one American composer that Sara (TA) talked about. She had such pieces as 'Time to Go' and 'O Superman'
This TA's work told a story about pregnancy
this instrument takes up a whole room
Very short sound samples
This is the technique of taking existing recordings and mixing them into new songs
_____ determines the amplitude (the pc quantizes the amplitude to the nearest bit depth) and ____ determines the frequency
this is a synthesis technique- ex: Truax

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