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_______ and _______: composer from mexico; developed 96 tone scale; discovered 16th notes
____: echoing, rapid left right panning
_____: this is a movement not confined to music
Carrillo's '13th Sound': broke the classic ______ at one sixteenth of tone; end of western scale
computer effects and layering are inherent to this type of music
Satie claimed he was a ______, not a musician
This is non-linear, catches different beats and changes up, psychedelic, taken out vocals, layering, essentially an electronic music form
in 1893, ____ composed 'vexations for solo piano; last 28 hours and played in a loop 840 times
________: invented in the 20's, is the earliest electronic instrument to remain in active use today. The performer does not physically touch it
She wrote 'on or about dec.10, human character changed' after seeing 1st exhibit of post-impressionists
in 1907 ______ invented atonal music. He formalized a new system of harmonic/pitch org called _____ called the emancipation of dissonance
in 1877, edison invents the phonograph, which works by
1906. Bsuoni's sketch for a new
19th century supported philosophically by ________ ______:that the world if gradually moving toward perfection
_______ _____: a keyboard instrument also using vacuum tube tech. Combined with resonant speaker box and strings that vibrate sympathetically
Telharmonium, by _____, was our first intentional electronic instrument. So much power that it shut down the grid for NY; took up a whole block; distribution
________ (1930): used a unique approach to timbre generation by creating a complex waveform that was modified with filters to achieve different timbres
Turn of ____ century: Dawrin theory evolution, einstein's relativity, frued;s unconscious, wright's first flight
this instrument senses the position of the right and left hands and allows the performer to change pitch and dynamics
This instrument sounds like bird
This was a 200 ton keyboard synthesizer designed to transfer music over telephone wire; subscriptions
_______: a virtuosic theremin player- the swan
The ________, also called dynamophone, by Cahill
1913, Luigi Russolo wrote '------' a manifesto in which he declared that mech. generated noise would revolutionize the concert hall
Forrest's _____ solved the power consumption prob and enabled a new generation of electronic instruments
_____ subverted romantic ideals by creating ambient sound art, looping and non-expressive music
Russolo's ____ or Noise Orchestra
Lee De Forrest's (audion) developments of Ambrose Fleming's ___ ___ (1906) allowed for amplification of electronic signals
1908 Arnold Schoenbers: first _____ music: string quartet no 2, 4th movement
Kandinsky's 'winter'- 1914. fully _______ _____

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