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Who/when invented the Buchla?
voltage-controlled and computer-generated synths and sequencers is characteristic of what era?
_____ productions push and pull at rhythms- inserts specific samples followed by silence
Key components of this instrument: modularity, touch sensative keyboard, sequencer, pressure sensative
he wrote groove and created the music baton
This was a recording on the Buchla box by Mortin Subotnick
Our australian guest speaker talked about ____ (3)
What is this characteristic of: Input (phys. world, keyboard), processing (computer, keys control one wave synth in max),output (phys. world, speakers)
this tool gave 3d control to input data into computer; expressive control. an interface for music beyond just programmers
Buchla called his instrument: (3)
This group was famous for pockets of empty sound instead of bass; lots of sound effects, pharell williams said they made skeleton sounds
This was a recording made using the Moog and became one of the highest selling classical records of all time:
this piece was written by Guttman, since matthews wasn't a composer
He is known as the father of computer music
He wrote a protocol which became the basis for MIDI
Philomel was recorded by who?
This was a iconic computer written piece made through music 1
What does HCI stand for?
Rosenboom.InTheBeginning:Etude II was made by playing two whats together
Silver Apples of the Moon, ambient in texture and with forward motion, was recorded by: ___
_____/____ ____: the focus of this work is not on the sounds themselves, but the spaces they inhabit
This man created the Moog in what year?
Moog called his instrument a _____
This area was a center for pop production, featuring the neptunes, missy elliott and chad hugo
This was one of the first analog modular synths. It included a touch-sensative keyboard to trigger notes and a sequencer for programming a series of sounds to play automatically.
This was a recording using the mark II from columbia/princeton (by babbit)
Who recorded Switched-on Bach?
this was a programming language written by max matthews
This is the technosonic capital

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