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this (in terms of anit-virus detection) is the failure to detect a virus on a system being scanner
this (in terms of anti-virus detection) is the false claim that a virus has been detected
this is a boot sector virus created in 1987
The ____ is the function pointer thable that exports the API that the user application is presenting to outside callers; these functions can be saved in virus body and replaced wit
this virus overwrote at a random location in the *.exe file
This worm secretly monitors and reprograms industrial control systems- contains 4 zero-day vulnerabilities an2 stolen digital certificates
This type of virus obscures its own entry point by finding a call instruction in the targeted PE file and 'hijacking' the call so that the virus code is called instead
most scanners are typically run through user settings. these are called
these are typical when comparing self-extracting archives and compressed viruses
to find a function call, a virus can scan the _____ section
in this type of virus, the application code is compressed and the virus code plus decompressor code fits into the space that was save
Vienna and suicide are famous examples of what kind of virus that saves the overwritten instructions in the virus
This type of virus creator often searched for space within a file that is filled with zeros or ascii blanks
Beginning of file with destructive overwrite: 2 methods: _______*.exe with a virus *.exe or _____ only the _____
this section gives information to be used if the program has to be relocated during execution; ie reloaded at a different load point and provides a large cavity for viruses to use
This 1191 DOS normal COM example used many techniques including appaneding, memory resistant, hooks interrupts, multiple variants
an example of an IAT replacement (EPO) virus
these types of tools are often used to examine infected code
What are the 3 major tasks of anti-virus software:
In terms of detection errors, which cause more trouble: false pos or flase neg
virus detection is generally done through on-demand or on-access ____
*.exe, *.com, and *.bat are examples of

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