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this provides complete system environment
Highest level of abstraction to lowest
Two design taks of well-defined interfaces
this type of architecture is composed of the aspects visible to the supervisor software
This type of architecture is composed of the aspects visible to the application program
this is when each user process given the illusion of having complete machine to itself (OS supporting multiple user processes)
example of VM: complete SW system (OS and apps) supported on a host system running a different ISA and OS
this involves the construction of an isomorphism that maps a virtual guest system to a real host
this supports an individual process (with regard to VMs)
This provides program with access to hardware resources and system services (user ISA, system call interface); it defines the convention by which SW abides by to use HW resources
This is the underlying platform on a VM
these convert blocks of source instructions to target instruction that perform equivalent functions
this is software that runs in the VM environment
this defines the functionality and appearance of a computer or subsystem
an example of hosted VM- virtualizing SW built on top of existing host OS
this is the mapping of virtual resources or state to real resources on underlying machines
defined in two ways: 1) process: OS and underlying user-level hardware 2) OS: underlying hardware with ISA as the interface
This is defined with respect to HLL; contains standard libraries and is generally available for all libraries
this is the actual embodiment of an architecture; may be several of them
VMWare workstation is an example of a ____ VM
these emulate one instruction set on hardware designed for different instruction set
The two types of ISAs
One challenge of well-defined interfaces:
What does SSL stand for?
the implementation layer correspond to the ...... on a computer system
example of VM: no native apps. VM SW is part of HW implementation

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