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Description Characters
Male tribute from District 11.
A healer in District 12.
Male tribute from District 12.
Originally picked for the 74th Hunger Games in District 12.
Pulled names in the reaping for district 12's 74th Games.
Female tribute from District 11.
Katniss's long term friend and hunting partner.
Peeta's stylist in the Capitol.
Antagonist. Ruler of Panem.
Daughter of District 12's Mayor. Katniss's friend.
Katniss's stylist in the Capitol.
Description Characters
Male tribute from District 2.
Female tribute from District 1.
Male tribute from District 1.
Lead. Female tribute from District 12.
Died in a mine explosion. Taught Katniss how to hunt.
Former District 12 Victor. Mentor.
Female tribute from District 2.
An old woman who sold soup in the Hob.
Reporter and Interviewer of the tributes.
Mayor of District 12.
Female tribute from District 5.

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