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How is the moon like a dollar?
What is the dot product if you have u= 4i-2j and v= i-j?
A queen bee was buzzing, a worker bee was buzzing, a honey bee was buzzing, and a killer bee was buzzing. How many bees were in buzzing?
What is the dot product if u=(6,1) and v=(-2,3)?
Who is Mr. C's number one Creeper (Stalker) in fourth hour?
What is the vertex if given the following parabola: y=1/2x^2?
We are five little objects of an everyday sort, you will find us in a tennis court. What are we?
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What is the atomic number of Aluminum?
What is the first three terms of the sequence if you are given an=3n+1
What is the atomic number of Nickel?
Whats the first 3 terms of a geometric sequence if given a1=2 and r=3?
A monkey, a horse, a tiger and a giraffe race to get a banana out of a coconut tree, who gets there first?
What is the first four numbers of the sequence if you are given an=2^n

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