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the prefix that means 10^9
which product is A B cos (theta)
for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
the normal force is the third law pair to an objects weight: true or false?
is friction an active or passive force?
net force on an object in equilibrium
what kinds of force is a the normal force?
the force 'transmitted' through a rope
force * lever arm
weight of an organism scales like ____
shape of a biological material's stress vs. strain curve
friction is proportional to which force?
the active force of friction
the normal force is proportional to which type of contact area?
acceleration-time graphs are the derivative of which graphs?
the area under a velocity-time graph is ____
without fluid friction, at which angle will a projectile travel the farthest?
for small objects, terminal velocity is proprotional to size^___
centripetal force points in which direction?
different observers will see different total energies, but all will agree on _____ in total energy
unit of power in J/second
totally _____ collisions conserve momentum and kinetic energy
maximum possible KE loss occurs in
frequency is measured in
the period of a pendulum does not depend upon

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