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Can you name the capital cities that can be found within these sentences?

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SentenceCapital CityCountry
I was looking for Mo's cow in the barn.
You can't play that CD-ROM every day.
We had the honor of giving every man a guava at the celebration.
In the U.S.,Thanksgiving is in November, not October.
What do a human, a manatee, and a tortoise have in common?
I can't believe my partner for the project would just quit on me right before the deadline!
Because I think that comedian is a funny man, I laugh at every single one of his jokes.
My brother likes jeans, but he'll wear khaki eventually.
SentenceCapital CityCountry
I was assigned to do half of the chores while Jerry did the other half..
The teacher performed a fast analysis of the situation yesterday.
It's hard to picture Tom in ski boots, goggles, and a big, puffy jacket.
I think that my sister looks pretty tall in Ned's rubber boots.
When the little boy tried to steal the toy car, a cashier stopped him before he could leave the store.
Ken never liked going to funerals because he had always had to wear dull, drab attire, such as a black suit and black pants.
It's best that you get an urban guide to lead you through the huge city.
Last December, I gave my little cousin the toy he had always wanted.

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