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Can you name the Gaunts Ghosts The Founding: Deaths?

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RankNameManner of Death
TrooperFiring Squad for Shooting Vermin
Scout Pinned to a wall with an Iron Spike
Flame TrooperShot in the back of the head
TrooperShot with missile by Corbec when posessed
Sergeant Demolished by Bolt Round
TrooperKilled by a boot knife in the ribs
Trooper Skull caved in by a Patrician
Trooper Knifed by a Patrician
ScoutBlown Apart by Autocannon Rounds
Vox TrooperHead Removed by Barbed Round
SergeantBurnt in Energy Fence
TrooperCrushed by Jantine Troops
TrooperHeadshotted by Las Round
SergeantBayonetted by Major Bronchus
TrooperKilled by barb round shrapnel
AdjutantKilled shielding Gaunt from Chaos Troops
Trooper Headshotted by Las Round
Trooper Disintegrated by Assault Cannon
TrooperDisintegrated by Assault Cannon
Trooper Sliced in half by Chainsword
Trooper Looses an Arm and half his Head to Las Fire
Sergeant Killed by friendly Artillery
ScoutImpaled by Flying Cactus Spines
RankNameManner of Death
ScoutIncinerated by Dreadnoughts Plasma Cannon
TrooperKilled by Daemon
TrooperHead blown off while storming aqueduct
TrooperShot in the face while applying sun cream
TrooperKilled when bike blown up by missile
TrooperShot in the chest while charging
TrooperChrushed by destroyed bike
TrooperHeadshotted while manning a bike gun
TrooperBlown up when a missile hits their bike.
TrooperBlown up when a missile hits their bike.
TrooperHeadshotted by bolt round richchet
TrooperGunned down
SergeantObliterated by Basilisk Shell
TrooperKilled by Las Round
TrooperKilled by Lasfire
Trooper Neck broken by a branch blown into it during storm
TrooperKilled by a pointed leaf in the throat
Blueblood Killed by Warp Beast
SergeantKilled by unlucky ricochet
TrooperShot in the opeing of Verveyr
ScoutShot by stub rounds through a wall
Major (Vervun Primary)Killed while on a run to destroy a flat crab
RankNameManner of Death
SergeantShot by las 4 times, then bayonetted.
TrooperCremated by Rocket
TrooperBleeds out from groin shot
Trooper (Vervun Primary)Countersniped
General (North Col)Kills when his transport is hit by an artillery shell
General (Roan Deepers)Killed at Ontabi Gate
Field Marshal (Vervun Primary)Buried and Bayonetted by Zoicans
TrooperShot in the head by las round
TrooperCut in half by stormtroopers
Bodyguard (civillian)Bitten in half by chaos servitor
Lord (civillian)Bleeds out from leg wound
CommisarKilled while fighting off chaos servitor
ScoutKilled by Lasfire
TrooperShot in the back of the neck by las
Scratch CompanyGut Shot, then mercy Killed by Kolea
BluebloodSliced in half by Dark Watcher
TrooperKilled by Exploding Darkwatcher
TrooperLacerated by 'mist of darkness'
TrooperPulped by Asphodel's fist
TrooperIt is revealed he died at Verveyr
TrooperKilled by lasfire

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