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Unfinished LyricsMissing LyricsBand
cover me with --- baby, cover me with ---Blondie
And the ---- was ----ing ----Billy Joel
Where do we --- now, where do we ---Guns and Roses
I sit with --- of the --- ---Led Zepplin
If you should --- into my ---David Bowie
whoa whoa, you got the -- of my ---Emotions
Don't want to see no --- don't be no -----Michael Jackson
I hope that someone gets my --- in a ---The Police
I drove my --- to the --- but the --- was dryDon McLean
We are --- no one can tell us we're ---Pat Benetar
when the ---ing --- is done Cyndi Lauper
I'm on a --- to ---AC/DC
Life is a --- everyone must stand ---Madonna
We are the --- no time for ---Queen
There are --- when all the --- asleepSupertramp
Unfinished LyricsMissing LyricsBand
When I --- I'm --- you its just no ---Blondie
They will tell you you can't --- --- in a --- placeBilly Joel
In the --- welcome to the ---Guns and Roses
There's a --- i get when I look to the ---Led Zepplin
There's a --- waiting in the ---David Bowie
Break those --- that --- youJourney
I want to --- with youMichael Jackson
Every little --- she does is ---The Police
The --- in the --- keeps me ---Journey
We ---, we ---, we --- togetherPat Benetar
She'll --- you, she'll --- youKim Carnes
I'm --- i'm ---, --- and I'll win the fightAC/DC
We are --- in a --- world, and I am a --- girlMadonna
She's a --- ---, gunpowder, gelatine, --- and a ---Queen
Give a little bit, give a little bit of your --- to meSupertramp

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