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Can you name the part of speech (Level Four)?

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SentencePart of SpeechWord
She lovingly baked cookies. lovingly
She fearlessly walked onto the court. fearlessly
I don’t have any fear. fear
He always has hope. hope
I am loving this food. loving
He is a fearless person. fearless
I have a suspicion about him. suspicion
See the suspicious man? suspicious
Love is all you need. love
I suspect he is a criminal.suspect
SentencePart of SpeechWord
He forgivingly patted my head. forgivingly
He is a hopeful boy.hopeful
He suspiciously opened the suitcase. suspiciously
I fear nothing.fear
He is a loving parent. loving
You are a forgiving friend. forgiving
Forgiveness is a powerful thing. forgiveness
He will hopefully succeed. hopefully
Will you forgive me?forgive
He hopes to be an astronaut. hopes

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