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Can you name the part of speech (Level Seven)?

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SentencePart of SpeechWord
The show will be live in ten seconds!live
I feel a lot of love for these
The white peaceful bird dove into the ocean.dove
He took a dive into the ocean.dive
The bees fled from their hive.hive
Please hire me for the job!hire
I have a wire hanger for your coat.wire
He wore a really nice jacket.wore
After the quiz, he accidentally tore his paper.tore
I would like more soda, please!more
SentencePart of SpeechWord
The mole dug through the soil.mole
The sole of his shoe was worn down.sole
He was sold on the idea at the start.sold
He will mold the clay into a sculpture.mold
The chili had a very mild flavor.mild
He traveled into the wild with his hatchet.wild
The flower will wilt unless you water it.wilt
The Scottish man was wearing a kilt.kilt
The lion went in for the kill.kill
Please bill my card for the dinner.bill

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