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Forced Order
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Description AnswerOccupation
Pilot for HirePilot
Founder of the New Jedi OrderJedi
Leader of the ConfederacyLeader/Sith Lord
Lead Jedi Master (Episodes I-VI)Jedi
Leader of the GungansLeader
Model for ClonesBounty Hunter
Sluggish Mob organizerMob Boss
Queen of NabooQueen
Stuck Up PrincessPrincess
Head Sith LordSith Lord
Human-Cyborg RelationsDroid
Easily Angered WookieCo Pilot
Chosen OneJedi
Description AnswerOccupation
Leader of Cloud CityLeader
Cheating Pod RacerPod Racer
Sith Apprentice (First one)Sith Apprentice
Rebel Space LeaderFleet Commander
Faithful RobotAstro Droid
Commander of the DroidsCommander of the Droids
Gungan SenatorSenator
Apprentice to the ApprenticeSith Apprentice
Second In Command of the Jedi OrderJedi
Master to the Chosen OneJedi
Leader of the GenosiansLeader
Second of Command of the Empire (Before the Destructuion of the Death Star)Leader
Second most Powerful Sith LordSith Lord

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