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Can you name the Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters ?

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HintCharacterWeapon Of Choice
Young avatar who must defeat the Firelord to save the worldAir, Water, Earth Fire
loyal flying bisonTail
Flying Lemur MonkeyBeing Mischevious
The Avatar's companion, something between her and the avatarWaterbending
The Avatar's companionBoomerang/Sword
Leader of the Kyoshi WarriorsFan
Master waterbender of the North PoleWaterbending
Blind EarthbenderEarhtbending
HintCharacterWeapon Of Choice
Dishonored Son of the FirelordFirebending
Daughter of the FirelordFirebending
Monotone companion of the Firelord's daughterKnives, Darts
Perky, acrobatic follower of the Firelords DaughterAcrobatics...?
Supreme ruler of the Fire Nation, declares himself the 'Phoenix King'Lightning, Fire Bending
Ruler of the Firenation, Princess named after himFirebending
Firelord that started the war, has a comet named after himFirebending

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