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LineMissing WordsWho Said it(Game)
How does food become ___?!Colin Mochrie (SFAH)
If your baby looked like that then you'd be________ ___Chip Esten (Hoedown)
Yeah ill have an order of...Brad Sherwood (SFAH)
We'll be back with..the little red engine ___ ___ _ __ _ ___ _____Colin Mochrie (Greatest Hits)
When i put on leather pants i am a _____ ___Drew Carey (Hoedown)
Were watching______ ____!Colin Mochrie (Greatest Hits)
This just in...Beverly Hills 90210 _________ ______ _Colin Mochrie (Weird Newscasters)
Thursdays at 8 you can see ________ _________Ryan Stiles (Hoedown)
If we do another hoedown ill ____ __ _______ _____Ryan Stiles (Hoedown)
The points are like what you say _____ ___Drew Carey (Opening)
and the loser goes back to ______ _____ __ _______!Drew Carey (opening)
LineMissing WordsWho Said it(Game)
Jims escaping through the ____ __ ___ ____Ryan Stiles (SFAH)
In ten minutes we bring out the ______Ryan Stiles (SFAH)
Im ___ ______Wayne Brady (SFAH) after we filet ___ ____ ____Jeff Davis (SFAH)
What sound does an arctic tern make? _________ ____!Ryan/Colin (Greatest Hits)
Michael Jackson terrific singer and great ____ _____Ryan Stiles (Greatest Hits)
We made love at 5:06 and i was done by _:__Wayne Brady (SFAH)
It looked loke someone had ____ ___Colin Mochrie (Irish Drinking Song)
Jim had a ____ ____Colin Mochrie (Irish Drinking Song)
Ive had Drews ass ___ ___ _ ____ ____Greg Proops (Outtakes)

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