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Question/HintAnswerFloyd Facts
Usual Pink Floyd Sax Player
Replacement Bassist for Roger Waters
Was not a member, co-wrote many songs including 'The Trial'
Was the very first guitarist of Pink Floyd
A rare song he can be heard playing on
Have you got it, yet?
Aside for singing on Have a Cigar, he Helped Gilmour write some of his solo career songs
Congratulations! You've found the ______
This song was pretty avant-garde, wasn't it?
This album had a single/two songs written by each member
On the cover of the vinyl version of this album, this other album's cover can be seen
He was strongly involved in The Wall movie and the 2005 G8 Floyd reunion
This non-member co-wrote Atom Heart Mother Suite
Question/HintAnswerFloyd Facts
This rare song is only available on casette
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! _________
A member of this band co-wrote two songs for David Gilmour's first solo album
Rick Wright's second solo album is a concept album about:
The main character in Roger Waters' second solo album
Yeah, Nick Mason had a solo album. Weird, right? What was it?
His first solo album was very madcap.
The answer to question ___ never made a solo album
The answer to the previous question is part of the name of a song from...
And this song was referenced in the 1983 song:
One of several original names for pink floyd
There was a ragged band __________

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