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Edina Monsoon's birth name?
Eddie ___ Hands?
Who is Eddie's PR rival?
What was the name of Patsy and Eddie's friend in Morocco?
Where Is Justin from?
Where did Pasty and Eddie go on a Skiing Vacation?
What U.S television show did Eddie and Patsy guest star on?
What was that episode called?
What did Patsy steal at the supermarket?
Who did Mother think was Madonna?
What is Titicaca's actually name?
Who takes out a restraining order against her?
Who played God in two episodes?
What magazine did they find in Serge's room?
The brand of sunglasses that Eddie was doing PR for in 'Morocco'.
In the episode 'Death' who falls in an open grave first?
The name of the bookstore in New York where Serge works?
Who was headhunted as an editor for Vogue?
He designed Saffron's wedding dress.
Where is this? Shepherd's Bush? No, It's...
At who's concert did Eddie try to crowdsurf?
Eddie is a guest on which radio programme?
Which fashion designer coined the phrase 'I hardly know her'?
What Scott Walker song plays over the credits of the episode 'Happy New Year'?
What was the name of Saffron's Play?
What fruit was on Eddie's t-shirt in the episode 'Paris'?
Who does Eddie force to have lunch with her in 'New Best Friend'.
The Name of the character played by Kristin Scott Thomas in 'Book Clubbin'
What was the name of the photographer at the photoshoot in 'Paris'?
The name of the French actress who can't sing?
What was the name of the shop assistant who worked with Kunz in 'White Box'?
The _______ Stick is not with you.
What does Justin buy Eddie for her 40th birthday?
Who becomes Eddie's PA after she fires Bubble? Fleur or Catriona?
Patsy worked at which high end store?
What animal did Eddie keep as a pet in her bathroom?
Magda becomes the editor of which New York based magazine?
The name of the menopausal woman played by Ruby Wax in 'Menopause'.
Eddie was trying to lose weight to impress who in the episode 'Fat'?
Who played Saffron in the orginal sketch?
The other two characters played by Bubble actress Jane Horrocks.
They are all about White Boxes.
The name of the Christian weight loss product that Bo and Marshall were promoting?
Character played by Adrian Edmondson in 'Magazine' and 'New Best Friend'
Which store does Eddie illegally park outside of?
What colour tracksuit does Eddie wear in 'Doorhandle'?
What is the organisation that Whoopi Goldberg's character in 'Gay' work for?
What song is played during the flashback when Patsy and Eddie take Saffron to the park as a child?
Who Played Patsy's Mother?
Bubble told which Hollywood actress to wipe their feet before coming in?
The name of Patsy's ex drug dealer and Saffron's ex cell mate?
What does Eddie throw at the kitchen sink/window in 'Donkey'?
The title of the French film based on Ab Fab?
What is written on the handbag Eddie takes to Saffron's play?
Which musical does Bo have a dream about?
The colour of the sofa in the kitchen in series five.
What boardgame does Patsy cheat at in 'France'?
Which model was looking bored at the PR Awards?
Veuve and?
Who is Serge's godmother?
The title of Patsy's sexploitation movie.
A snippet of which David Bowie song ends each episode of series four?
Justin's Ex boyfriend?
What is the name of Marshall's girlfriend in 'Happy New Year'?
Which Hollywood actor has Eddie let her house out to during the Olympics?
Listen to mummy's funny voice? What is the name of the snacks?
What was removed from Eddie's toe in 'Hospital'?
Patsy and Eddie take Saffron's daughter to a Jean Paul Gaultier photoshoot where?
Eddie forgot to collect Patsy from where in the episode 'Death'?
What year is printed on Eddie's sweatshirt when she exercises in the episode 'Fat'?
Marshall's last name.
Where do you get your tits out when you're in Paris?
Which female stand up comedian played Carmen in the episode 'New Best Friend'?
The name of Eddie's 'pimp' in the episode 'Sex'.
What Roman Polanski film was parodied in the episode 'Fear'?
Which fashion critic was Patsy sitting nex to at the runway show in 'Last Shout'?
What is Stolli Bolli slang for?
What type of bed did Eddie have in the episode 'Birth'?
The name of the actress who played a nurse in two episodes, a spray tanner and a beautician in the series.
You little ____ ____ from hell!

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