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Description of CharacterCharacter Name
Lacks in common sense, pilots Mordred
Blond interested in the commoners' life
Vice-President of Ashford Student Council
Third Princess of the Britannian Empire
Naoto's Best Friend
Maid that takes care of the Blind Sister
Captured by V.V. and Zero
Blind and bound to a wheelchair
Developer of the Lancelot
Son of the last Prime Minister of Japan
Former member of the Pureblood Faction; first to find out Zero's true identity
'Zero's Best Friend'
Member of the swim team
The Emperor's Twin Brother
Description of CharacterCharacter Name
Member of the Four Holy Swords
Episode Title: 'Cheering ___'
Immortal; has a love for pizza
Asked to be killed by Zero's Geass
Seen nearly naked more than once
Bites Suzaku frequently
Pink haired assistant of the Second Prince
Emperor of Britannia
Chinese Federation's Figurehead
The only person ever to beat Lelouch at chess
Developed the F.L.E.I.J.A.
Loves the President of the Ashford Student Council
Leader of the Four Holy Swords
Pilot of the Shen-Hu
Spectacled Knight of the Second Princess

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