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Story with a *hint*4 Letter Answer
Once there was an evil *undead sorceror*,
who had a lethal *tongue motion*,
which made a chef fatally *unwell*.
The sorceror then stuffed this man into a *bag*,
and chucked him into a river so he *fell to the bottom*.
The bag eventually reached *one side of the river*,
upsetting a lady who wanted to *soak up some sun*.
She was especially upset when the body of the man rose up and *hit*
her and then deposited her in an enchanted *large shrub*,
which broke her down into a *mixed-up paste*.
The sorceror then reanimated the paste as an *inspiration*,
albeit, *one which could not speak*.
In time, the lady also become a *friend*,
without any *intense loathing*.
The lady and the sorceror went hunting for a *big rabbit*
and a *male deer*,
then baked the game into a *sweet pastry*.
Eventually, they used a *little bit of sensitivity*,
to make a *binding agreement*
that had a *section*
devoted to preparing a meal using *fortified wine*
and *meat from a pig*.
For presentation, they took the *wine's stopper*
and placed it alongside the remains of the *chef*.

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