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Can you name the Stupid scenes/ideas that ruined scenes/movies ?

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The entire movie. Gosh!2004
'You're him. You're the Rocket Man.'1996
Paul Walker's performance1985-Present
The love triangle that didn't end with the best friends coming together to kill the woman who dared come between them2001
The many, many scenes where the old, naked Nazi has sex. 2008
Really? They're getting married during a sword fight.2007
Every scene that didn't have HAL.1968
I don't get it.2008
Did he really just thwart the murderer with the flash from his camera?1954
He had nightvision goggles and he was so close to finishing his suit :(1991
Something about a keymaker and an architect?2003
Shouting, 'Come on!' as her husband races a black man down the beach1982
I only got an hour into the movie because people were raped with noses. It sucked.1971
I guess the Empire (much like the Bush administration) decided not to upgrade their soldiers' body armor.1983
That's it? The movie's over? WTF? I don't care about your dream! 2007
A race of alien robots arrives on Earth and begin to fight. Totally unbelievable.2007
Why didn't the princess just kill herself an hour earlier? She could have saved her dad's life and me the trouble of sitting through that movie.2008
What?!? They stole the egg an hour into the movie but still made we watch a guy breakdance through laser beams! I hate you!2004
How was he a Russian spy in the State Department if he was at sea in the navy most of the time?1987
But he had that whole speech at the end about the two of them being destined to fight forever. How could he die?2008
I actually liked the scene where the hero is framed next to the American flag right before the final battle. 2007
Why did the camera just zoom in on Stellan SkarsgÄrd's face? Also, did the tile dolphin just magically magnify?2008
Why did she just tie his shoe? 2009
I know it's incredibly uplifting, but I still really wish he didn't imagine like half the movie.2001
So they're not even going to mention or question why the Secret Service agent is helping the terrorists. Cool.1997
So they're in Washington, DC but there's also a desert with an airfield outside the Smithsonian?2009
Why doesn't he time travel anywhere cool? It's not like he shows back up with a laser gun or a dinosaur egg.2009
So you brought an aircraft carrier, a fleet of warships, a platoon of marines, and basically the might of the US military and you aren't going to kill one dinosaur?2001
Let's make a movie about the Battle of Guadalcanal but use lots of whiny prose to tell the story. Also, the guy from Ninja Turtles plays one of the leads.1998
Sometimes I miss Jack Bauer when I watch classic films. The man is in the church where they have his son kidnapped! Shoot someone! Snap someone's neck!1953
So you know the story of one of the most famous and accomplished generals in history who conquered the known world by the time he was 30? Let's make a movie about how he was gay.2004
Why does Kurt Russell play two characters in the same movie? It's not like we can't tell it's him just because one of the characters has a mustache.1991
In the last scene you can totally see Hamish's rubber battle axe flopping around. Doesn't ruin the movie or the scene, I just wanted to mention it.1996
The leather clad stripper terrorist rings the doorbell before she pushes the button (this in addition to many, many other faults of the film). Denver's not next to the ocean. 1998
Oh my God. The Regina Spektor song at the end as the children are leaving made we want to cut myself, the film reel, and anyone involved in the decision to include it.2008
So they geared up for this epic final battle and then lightning scared everyone so much they didn't even fight. BORING.2007
I hope when I'm thirty or fourty all I want is a divorce, weed, a job flipping burgers, and my daughter's friend. Oh wait, that's almost as stupid as watching a bag. It's a bag. 1999
Why did they ruin the end with Ashton Kutcher leaning in the door of an elementary school classroom looking all seductive. I wish he had drowned.2006
I actually enjoyed the fact that the man who once played a Mexican bandit earlier in his career played an old Jewish writer. Kate Winslet's still not attractive.2006
Why did Emile Hirsch just look directly into the camera while eating his apple? 2007
What?!?!? He was dead the whole time?1989
Unrated! Uncut! You still don't get to see Keira Knightley naked. 2004
So the old woman was just a liar. Thank God she wrote a book about it. That makes up for wasting our time.2007
Was Scar gay? Didn't ruin the movie, I'm just curious.1994
Don't you think if the founders had all those resources they would have paid their soldiers or, you know, bought them coats?2004
After the success of Good Will Hunting I decided to see what classic movies would look like in color and with less talent.1998
As much as I like the mob and the FBI teaming up to fight actor Nazis, it's still pretty stupid. 1991
I'm going to remake a classic film and add nothing to it except Johnny Depp.2005
I did the same thing once with Mark Wahlberg.2001
I'm going to do the exact same thing again! I love not working hard!2010
No, it makes perfect sense that plains Indians would have enough gold to construct an entire city of it.2007
So that was just a pro-life movie 'cleverly' hidden in a B-Action film.2010
He should have cast a better looking actress. Maybe one worth staying alive for.1997
The last scene wasn't even that cool. Yes, I'm talking to you. I think your movie is overrated.1976
Is she a dude? Yep. Well...this is awkward.1992
I know your franchise has made a lot of movies but are you really recycling a plot from 1971?2002
I'm pretty sure this isn't what college is like.2008
I cry every time at the end when his red eye goes out. He didn't even get to kill her.1984
I can't believe that little punk beat the best the Cobra Kai dojo had to offer. It gives kids false hope.1984
If he really wanted them to appreciate life why didn't he just lock them in a house filled with puppies and ice cream.2004
'Their treasure was knowledge.'2008

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