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Track NamesMovieComposer
You don't dream in cryo, Jake's First Flight, The Last Agni-KaiJames Horner
The Crash, Red's First Win, The Unkindest CutRandy Newman
O...Saya, Latika's Theme, Jai HoA.R. Rahman
Titans, The Drums of Gaugamela, Dream of BabylonVangelis
A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics, Creating Governing Dynamics, Real or Imagined?James Horner
60B, Drew's Theme, California BaylorNancy Wilson
Battle of Little Round Top, General Lee's Solitude, Killer AngelRandy Edelman
The Wheat, Strength and Honor, Now we are FreeHans Zimmer
The Cornfield, 'Moonlight' Graham, The Place Where Dreams Come TrueJames Horner
A Way of Life, To Know my Enemy, Red WarriorHans Zimmer
Track NamesMovieComposer
Attacking a Star Destroyer, The Clash of Lightsabers, The Rebel Fleet; End TitleJohn Williams
Journey to the Island, My Friend the Brachiosaurus, A Tree for my BedJohn Williams
The White Tree, The Ride of the Rohirrim, The Grey HavensHoward Shore
To the Future, the Science Fair, Doris has her DayDanny Elfman
Cattle Drive, Spooks on the Hill, Charley and SueMichael Kamen
Hummel Gets the Rockets, Rock House Jail, In the Tunnels Hans Zimmer
Breaking the Sound Barrier, Glenn's Flight, Yeager's TriumphBill Conti
The Castro, Gay Rights Now!, Give 'Em HopeDanny Elfman
Jane's Home, Lemonade, No HitsBasil Poledouris
Philadelphia Morning, First Date, The Final BellBill Conti

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