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Forced Order
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Spain was controlled by which Empire before it was controlled by the Moors or the Spanish?
The Moors were ___ from North Africa that invaded Spain in the 8th Century
Were the Moors more or less tolerant than Catholics of people practicing other religions
A religion that believes in many Gods
A religion that believes in only one God
Spain basically became unified (one Christian country) when which two people got married?
The military defeat of the Moors and the campaign to drive them from Spain
The Spanish monarchy's attempt to forcibly convert Jews and Muslims, discover false Christians and unite the country under Catholicism
Spanish explorers and conquerors of the New World were in search of the 3 Gs. Name them
The most devastating weapon in the Spanish arsenal against natives of the Americas
Francisco Pizarro conquered the
Ponce de Leon is associated with the legend of
Hernando de Soto discovered
Coronado’s expedition was in search of
The first major crop that African slaves were used to harvest
Description of Person/Historical EventPerson/Historical Event
True or False: African slaves were more likely to get European diseases than natives.
The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the world between ___ & ___
The largest and most famous Mayan city
The Aztec capitol city
The Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec
The last Aztec Emperor
The Aztec practice human ____ as a way to appease their gods
Did tribes that had been conquered and at war with the Aztec side with the Spanish or the Aztec?
Columbus was an ______ who sailed for ____.
The word for the Spanish conquerors of the New World
How many voyages to the New World did Columbus make?
The Spanish established this system that granted land and native workers to Spanish men in the New World to civilize and convert natives to Catholicism
True or False: The Mayans were skilled in medicine and surgery, including operating on the eye and brain
Chichimeca was a term for nomadic peoples of northern Mexico that means
The city of Tenochtitlan is built on a

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