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Smells like Teen _____Nirvana
Man in the _____Alice in Chains
Lucy in the Sky with _____The Beatles
Stairway to _____Led Zeppelin
Walk this _____Aerosmith
Misery _____Paramore
Pulse of the _____Slipknot
Don't (Fear the _____)Blue Oyster Cult
Through the Fire and the _____Dragonforce
In the _____Linkin Park
Lose _____Eminem
War _____Black Sabbath
Paradise _____Guns n' Roses
Smoke on the _____Deep Purple
Fat Bottomed _____Queen
Hard as a _____AC/DC
Voodoo _____ (Not Voodoo Chile)Jimi Hendrix
I don't wanna _____Ozzy Osbourne
My name is _____Weezer
Bullet with Butterfly _____Smashing Pumpkins
Even _____Pearl Jam
Animal I have _____Three Days Grace
Beautiful _____Flyleaf
American _____Green Day
For Whom the Bell _____Metallica

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