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Callisto turned into one of these 
He was alive half of the time, alternating with his brother Castor 
Two-faced Roman god 
He had a wooden brand which was tied to his life 
Goddess of dawn 
This warrior was a rival of Achilles and dueled with Hector 
Father of Achilles 
First king of Troy, had Apollo build the city walls for him 
Slayer of the Chimera 
Monster next to Scylla 
Brother of Minos, or a Lycian King who was killed by Patrolocus in the Trojan War and son of Zeus and Laodamia 
Friend of Apollo, killed by a discus blown by Zephyr 
Roman maiden who was crushed to death by shields instead of recieving the braclets she wanted. 
Killed by his brother for jumping over the walls of Rome 
King of the Rutuli, slayer of Pallas killed in turn by Aeneas 
Chinese lady of the moon 
Shinto wind god, eldest deity 
First female in Shinto mythology 
Pigsy from Journey to the West (In pinyin) 
Female human creator deity of Chinese mythology 
Chinese archer who shot down 9 suns 
Chinese phoenix 
Brother of Amaterasu in Shinto mythology 
This pure substance of Korean mythology was declined by Jiso, and only by drinking it could one attain purity 
Shinto war god 
Ring of Odin which multiplied itself 
Freyja's necklace 
God of single combat who gave up one hand in order to bind Fenrir 
Thor's iron gloves by which he can hold Mjolnir 
Freyr's messenger, this messenger was sent to procure Glepnir and also recieved Freyr's magical sword which would kill on its own accord if wielded well 
Odin's eight-legged steed 
This flame jotunn has a flaming sword by which he will burn the earth during Ragnarok and also battle Freyr 
Zapotec rain god 
Aztec god with a smoking mirror 
Aztec god of rain 
Mayan underworld 
Mother of Hutzilipotchli 
Mayan rain god 
Mayan creation story 
Middle East
Babylonian god of love 
Babylonian god of death 
Slayer of Tiamat 
Kiririsha, Humban and Inshushinak form the triad of this people's mythology 
Event in which Queen Medb attempted to gain Donn Cuailnge 
Father of CĂș Chulainn 
He consumed the salmon of knowledge 
Water deity of Aborigione mythology 
These people supposedly believed in vampire watermelons and also migrated to Europe from India 
Yoruba supreme diety 
Witch-like character in Slavic mythology 
Finnish underworld 
Finnish hero who died attempting to kill a black swan in order to wed a daughter of Louhi 
Supreme Ashanti deity of the sky 
This Inuit diety controlled all of the marine animals, and was similar to a mermaid 
Ashanti trickster who took the form of a spider 
First man to die, god of death 
Consort of Vishnu, goddess of prosperity and wealth 
Abductor of Sita in the Ramayana 
Major battle at the center of the Bagavad Gita 
Monkey deity loyal to Rama 

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