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Who came back from military after 3 years’ service in April 2012?
In Dream High 2, who plays the lead female role?
Who was 2am Jo Kwon’s first kiss?
Which 2 members left G8 first in invincible Youth 2?
What’s the name of Sunny Hill’s maknae?
Who is Black Pearl?
SHINee Minho’s drama?
Miss A Suzy’s first movie?
Who was Wonder Girls Sohee rumored to be dating in the beginning of 2012?
Among SHINee, who wasn’t in ETUDE HOUSE Kiss Note?
Legendary group comeback in early 2012?
Who is known as laminate, Granny and Eunyoung in Invincible Youth 2?
The Sub unit group of SNSD?
Key, Sunny and Kyuhyun were in this musical?
Who are the MC's of Inkigayo?
Which two groups use chairs in their dance chorography?
CNBlue & FT Island’s label?
Who from Fly To The Sky is doing solo activities in 2012?
A girl group who has 24 member?
Who was the girl in Teen Top’s music video “CRAZY” ?

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