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Forced Order
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Minor Characters
Name one of the men who died protecting Xelha from a Sabre Dragon. 
What is the name of Savyna's squad mate from the Empire? 
What is the name of the young boy in Cebalrai that introduces you to Meemai? 
Which of the three Wazn witches did the party speak to in Reverence, the Picture Book Village? 
What is the name of Trill's cooking teacher? 
What is the name of Lyude's sister? 
Story Events
When the End Magnus in Moonguile Forest is released, several golden figures appear out of the ground. What was the shape of these images? 
Which End Magnus was recieved by the party in Anuenue? 
How many groups of Diadem Knights must the party assist when the Empire attacks Castle Elnath? 
Name one weapon that is made for the Ice Sculptures in Wazn. 
How many groups of enemies must you defend against when flying the Mindeer through the Portal to an Outer Dimension? 
What item is needed from the Greater Celestial River in order to make medicine for Shorty? 
Boss Enemies
What boss enemy uses the 'Eyes of Terror' Finishing Move? 
'Brolokis' is a relative to what earlier Boss Monster? 
What boss enemy does the party encounter in the Nihal Desert? 
What boss enemy uses the 'Chaotic Flames' Finishing Move? 
What boss enemy drops the 'Soul Flash' magnus? (Special III for Xelha) 
What is one of the Finishing Moves used by Kalas, The Angel of Darkness? 
Locations by Subtitle
___, the Castle Town 
___, The Waterfall Village 
___, the Confectionary Village 
___, Garden of Death 
The Ice Cliffs of ___ 
___, Labyrinth of Mirrors 
___, Borough of Illusion 
___, Castle of Ice 
Side Quests
How many Constellation magnus are there in total? 
What is the reward for completing the Zodiac on the Constellation Map? 
What is the final reward for the Constellation Map quest? 
Where would you find a Bunnycat for the Wazn Animal Quest? 
What animal for the Wazn Animal quest can be obtained in Gemma Village? 
What is the final reward for the Wazn Animal Quest? 
How many family members do you need to find for the Quzman Geneology quest? 
What is the name of Quzman's older brother (the final relative) for the Quzman Geneology quest? 
What is the final reward for the Quzman Geneology side quest? 
Name one of the four items that can be given to the Museum curator at Duke Calbren's Manor to be put on display. 
What is the first Wind-Based sword for Kalas that can be obtained? 
What is the strongest light-based Paddle for Gibari? 
What is the only element not found in a Level III Special for any character? 
What is the only dark-based Class Level Magnus? 
Aside from the 'Escape' magnus, what is the only other magnus that allows the party to escape from battle? 
Aside from the 'Skull' equipment, what is the only other equipment magnus that causes Confusion upon equip? 
How many varieties of 'Magic Beans' magnus are there? 
How many hours does it take for 'The Peach Boy' magnus to change into the 'Wonder MOMO' magnus? 
What is the HPMAX bonus when using the camp magnus 'Deluxe Pastry' on a charcter? 
What is one of the ingredients for the Magnus SP combo to make the 'Treasure' magnus? 
How old is Kalas at the end of the game? 
If a character is Class Level 5, how much time do you have to play a magnus before your turn is skipped? 
If your character has exactly 1,000,000 Experience, what level is he/she? 
What is the attack bonus gained from a Final Straight Sunrise (playing 1-9)? 

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