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Control whaling and ensure exploitation is sustainable
Ensure sustainable exploitation of fish resources
UK governmental organisation with responsibility for the conservation of wildlife and the landscape
Areas of particular interest because of their plants, animals, geological features or land form Dee Esturary
Secure protection and appropriate management of the most important areas of wildlife habitat, allowing recreation and scientific researchBassenthwaite Lake
Controlled/owned by local authorities for the benefit of wildlife and public
Conserve and provide opportunities for the study of marine wildlife, geology and physiographical featuresLundy Island
Protect and manage areas that are important for rare and vulnerable birdsThe Solent, Severn Estuary
Designated under EU Birds Directive and provide rare and vulnerable animals, plants and habitats with increased protection and managementDartmoor
A network of protected sites in the EU that combine SPA's and SAC's
Programme run by Natural England to conserve particular endangered speciesLady's slipper orchid, Dormouse
Governmental deprtment concerning food, environment and rural affairs
Protect wetlands of international importance, especially as a habitat for water birds
Owners of large areas of forest used for timber production, conservation, education and recreation
International charity concerning environmental issues
UK charity which mainly focuses on bird conservation
Signed in 1959 to ensure conversation and remove land use conflicts between territorial claiming countries
Finest stretches of undeveloped coastlineNorth Northumberland
Designated for their landscape qualities for the purpose of conserving and enhancing their natural beautyCotswolds
Designated to establish public rights of way through landscapes of great scenic valueCleveland way
Land, in or near, ubrban areas providing informal recreational oppurtinities
Providing valuable facilities in areas where countryside access is rareHyde Park
Campaign to buy and protect national coast lineMalham Tarn
Designated around urban areas to restrict urban expansion
Designated areas for informal public recreation, wildlife conservation and maintenance of the rural economyLake district

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