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Can you name the songs with the word baby?

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HintSong titile
Jan and Dean were a popular duo of the late 1950s and early 1960s. What was the name of their hit song that fits the category?
The Turtles had this hit in the mid 1960s which made the Top 20 and fits this category. What song was it?
The Supremes had this top rated hit in the mid 1960s that set a record of sorts for the group. Which 'baby' song is this?
The Foundations were a popular band from the U.K. in the late 1960s. They had a song that was not expected to be a hit, but fooled everyone. Remembering the topic of the quiz, what
Two acts made this 'baby' song a hit. First there were The Ronettes, then later, Andy Kim. What song was able to stand the test of time?
This Four Seasons tune was a major hit for the group in 1965. It was later covered by The Bay City Rollers. Name It.
Way back, way way back, Rosie and The Originals had a hit with this 'baby' tune. Can you remember that far back?
This was the b- side to the Beatles 'All you need is Love'
The Equals, a U.K. based group, put together this song in the late 1960s that had a reggae feel to it. Again, remembering the topic of the quiz, what song was this?
This song preceded 'I Got You Babe' for Sonny and Cher. What was this 'baby' song?
HintSong titile
Another song that stood the test of time, was recorded first in the early 1960s by The Shirelles, and then covered, with a different arrangement, by Smith in 1969. Name the song.
Glenn Yarbrough, a popular folk singer, recorded this entry in 1965. It was the title song from a motion picture. Name it.
This song was a relatively minor hit for The Grass Roots in 1970, but nevertheless fits the category and received lots of airplay. Name the song please.
Eddie Money scored a major hit in 1977 with his first release. What's the name of this 'baby' tune?
Country crossover artist Mac Davis both wrote and recorded this smash hit which fits the topic. What 1972 hit was this?
Badfinger was a popular U.K. group from the early 1970s who were successful both in England and the U.S. What 'baby' song did they put onto the charts?
Peter Frampton had this song on his debut album in 1975. He later released a live version. What was the song called?
Player was the name of the group. 1978 was the year. What was the name of the song?
James Ingram and Patti Austin recorded this duet in 1981, but it wasn't until 1983 that it became a major hit. What 'baby' song is the final entry in this quiz?
In the 1960s, this was originally a hit for Four Tops and covered by Johnny Rivers

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