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Give an example of the type of problems associated with operating a satellite caused by the high vacuum environment
Which two factors determine the velocity change produced by a rocket operating with no external forces acting?
How do we measure the orbital position of a satellite?
Which of the following is technically the hardest planet to send a spacecraft to? Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus
State the definition of emissivity, ε
Which of the following is not a Electrothermal propulsion system? Arcjet, ion engine, resistojet
Name a factor perturbing Keplerian orbits around the Earth
A satellite in circular earth orbit has a speed of 7.9 kms-1. What -v is required to change its inclination by 30º?Remember units, use ^ for powers.
Name the two orbital parameters that define ‘geostationary‘orbit (not geosynchronous)
Name another factor perturbing Keplerian orbits around the Earth
What type of orbit would you choose for a communications satellite to cover Alaska? a) a sun-synchronous orbit b) a geostationary orbit c) a molniya orbit
Name the 2 most commonly used reference planes in astrodynamics
For which of the following mission tasks are electric propulsion systems suitable? Launch, hohmann transfer impulses, station keeping
What does the Acronym TTC stand for?
What is the tabulation of power losses and gains in a communications system called?
Which particle is the most common constituent of Cosmic Radiation?
State a typical SI range for Solid rocket motorsRemember units, use ^ for powers.
How many geostationary satellites do you need to give full Earth coverage?
What, approximately, is the total equivalent velocity change required to reach Earth Orbit, including all losses?Remember units, use ^ for powers.
Which of the below is the typical launch g load experienced by a satellite? a) 4.5 g b) 2.5 g c) 1.5 g
Give another reason why an equatorial launch site is preferable.
Give a reason why an equatorial launch site is preferable.

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