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mayday im in trouble, send somebody on the double.
a mother tells her son, 'darling, look at the sparks.' and you hold my attention without even trying...
im tired of begging for the things that i want, im over sleeping
i cant wait to see your brilliant face light up the room around the pillow case. she said, 'can you come over to my LA place? ive got something to tell you and it just cant wait.
and as you tie me to the bed for good i say that, 'i want you in the most unromantic way.'
oh no, please dont abandon me. mother, father, i love you so...
please, dont take this out on me. cause youre the onlything that's keeping me alive
its cold but you pretend that you are warm with me. before i get you home youre nearly frozen
i hope you like the stars i stole for you. one hundred million twinkle lights in neon blue
have you really danced on the edge, is something still scaring you?
make me a promise here tonight, love light a tidal wave, dreamless in early graves never want it to be this way
cause i dont want to leave without you buried by my side, id rather kill the one responsible for falling stars at night
maybe ill pretend right now, but i swesr to god, im gonna' change the world.
im tired of holding up your backup plans
i met a girl who never look so alone, like sugar water in your mouth, lukewarm
if you were me, youd do the same. cause i cant take anymore. ill draw the shades and close the door. everythings not alright, and i would rather
ive killed so many times, but i cant save the world from the creatures that dont die
i have a million different kinds of fun when im asleep and dreaming im your only one
if we wake her, she sings to me
speak slow now, i dont want to miss when you cry. glass over diamond blue eyes
it was the best time of my life but now i sleep alone. dont wake me up cause my thrill is gone
now the doctors dancing in, while the ambulances sing, 'another boy without a sharper knife.'
ive broken bones for you, and for you only
love me as you lay dizzy and falling, your legs dangling

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