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Seventh Hokage
Uchiha Vegabond
Main Female Protagonist
Sixth Hokage
No Emotion
Non Senju Wood Style User
Irrelevant Genjustsu User
Lazy Genius
Slutty Blonde
Dumb Fatty
Third Hokages Son
Bushy Brows
Irrelevant Weapon User
Konoha's Noble Green Beast
Eight Hokage???
Irrelevant Nerd
Irrelevant Ginger
Irrelevant Teacher
Academy Teacher
Chunin Examiner
Chunin Examiner
Chunin Examiner
Chunin Examiner
Some Random Shinobi
Shikamaru's Daddy
Ino's Daddy
Choji's Daddy
Shikamaru V.2
Casper The Blond Ghost
Dark Chocolate
Not Sixth Hokage
Fifth Hokage
Yellow Flash
The Professor
Second Hokage
Madara's Crush
Pervy Sage
White Fang
Tsunade's Boyfriend
The Reason Why The War Happened
Fifth Hokage's Bottom Bitch
Four-Eyed Necrophiliac
Red Hot Habanero
Sasuke's Dad
Sasuke's Mom
Greatest Genjutsu User Ever
Easily The Best Villain Of The Show
Madara's Bro
Friendzone'd For Life
Everyone's Favorite Uchiha
Loyal Shark
Art Is An Explosion
Human Puppet
Has Five Hearts
The Bridge for Nagato, Yahiko, and Naruto
Knows True Pain
Venus Fly Trap
Rabbit Goddess
The Sage Of The Six Paths
The Sage's Brother
Senju Ancestor
Uchiha Ancestor
Reformed Psycho
Likes To Blow
Puppet Master
Taught The Sand Siblings
Puppet Grandmaster
Fourth Raikage
Rapping Legend Yo
Fifth Raikage
He Will Lick You Like A Lollipop
Choji's Bae
Fourth Raikage's Assistant
Was Sealed in Benihisago
Was Sealed in Benihisago
Killer Bee's Bestfriend
Has Nine Tailed Chakra
Has Nine Tailed CHakra
Fifth Mizukage
Sixth Mizukage
Guy? Girl? Both? Who Knows
Demon Of The Hidden Mist
Not a Hyuga But Has A Byakugan
Fence Sitter
Fourth Tsuchikage
Tsuchikage's Bodyguard
Father Of Fourth Tsuchikage
Second Coming Of The Demon
Irrelevant Uchiha Dickrider
Ginger Monster
Siamese Twins
Flute Genjutsu
Fat Guy
Has The Coolest Kekkei Genkai
Two Tails Jinchuriki
Three Tails Jinchuriki
Four Tails Jinchuriki
Five Tails Jinchuriki
Six Tails Jinchuriki
Seven Tails Jinchuriki
Gave The Sanin Their Name
Samurai Leader
Irrelevant Naruto Character #759
Sai's Bro
Edo Tensei Kage
Edo Tensei Kage
Edo Tensei Kage
Edo Tensei Kage
The Greatest Naruto Character

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