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How many episodes are there in the series?
Who voices Master Shake?
Who voices Frylock?
Who voices Meatwad?
What is Shake's age hinted to be
State the Aqua Teen's reside in
How many people have rented the Aqua Teen's home?
Which season began the trend of the series' name changes
Name of Season 8
Name of Season 9
Name of Season 10
Name of Season 11
Which Aqua Teen has died the most?
What is the name of Master Shake's pinball machine?
Nickname for Master Shake
What is Shake's new name in 'Shake Like Me'
How many times has Shake commited suicide
What does Master Shake consider 'plaque' to be?
What cellphone service provider has Shake endoresed?
True or False: Shake has his own room in the Aqua Teen's house
True or False: Frylock wears braces
What anatomy poster is seen in Frylock's room?
What is the source of Frylock's powers?
In which episode was Frylock diagnosed with skin cancer?
What mobile game has Frylock been addicted to?
Which of Frylock's inventions first appeared in 'Bus of the Undead'
What is Meatwad's favorite video game?
Meatwad is known as what in 'Circus'
What two shapes is Meatwad most known for tranforming into?
Which character in the show has died the most?
What is Carl's favorite song?
The name of Carl's cousin
Who has rented Carl's house
Which STD has Carl claimed to have?
Snobby 8-bit creatures from the moon
The Prince of Jupiter
Japanese-speaking spore
Deformed clone of Master Shake
Creature living in the Aqua Teen's attic
Dick-craving madman
Intergalactic puppet star
Malicious talking rabbit
Sentient blob created from mold
Human-sized tar creature
Ingorant robot known for telling long-winded stories
Alliance of villains formed by the Mooninites
How many dimensions do the Mooninites claim to have?
Which episode parodies 'The Flinstones'
Full name of Meatwad's comic book
Who is the Drizzle?
Whose identities does Master Shake steal to release a christmas album?
Name of the board game the Aqua Teens played in 'Hoppy Bunny'
Which episode parodies 'Dora the Explorer'
What band does the replicating pod adore?
Brand sponsored in 'Mouth Quest'
What book led Shake to become religious?
Song created by Master Shake (heard in 'Chicken & Beans')
Name of Shake's grill in 'Global Grilling'
Name of Master Shake's cat
Trivia group name chosen by Carl in 'Super Trivia'
Master Shake's self-help book from 'Eggball'
Which former U.S. president appears in 'The Cloning'
What is the age of Shake's alleged son, Ezekial?
What is Shake's signature quote?
What is used as Meatwad's bed?
Which Aqua Teen has died the least?
The name of Meatwad's pet snake in 'Super Birthday Snake'
Which country does Shake travel to in order to get plastic surgery done?
A former president who appears in the movie, and during the credits sequence
How many reincarnations of MC Pee Pants have there been?
Name of the only banned episode
In which episode do Master Shake and Meatwad get conjunctivitis?
In which episode is the website '' referenced?
What villains adopt a highway and rename it to 'Click-Click-Click-Click' in 'The Last One'
Who plays the DJ in 'Mail Order Bride'
What book does Frylock read in 'Love Mummy'
Where does Markula keep the Aqua Teens hostage for the first three episodes of Season 5?
Name of the gigantic pinball machine found on Death Island
The name of the series' first episode
Which season has the least amount of episodes
Which season has the most episodes?
Full name of the series' movie
Which season was the first to begin airing after the movie?
How many episodes were claimed to be the series finale?
Official name for the last episode of the series
What year was the last season (11) aired?

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